Friday, 16 April 2021

Pathway Portrayals and Tales


High Peak Trail 1, Middleton Top.

I've started a new series of work, called Pathway Portrayals and Tales all located on the High Peak Trail between Middleton Top and High Peak Junction. A couple of years ago I did a detailed photographic study of the trail and the images have been sitting there waiting patiently for me to get to them. 

High Peak Trail 2, Quarry.

My new studio space is quite tight so I've decided to keep the works in a smaller format and I love this size which is 20 x 50 cm. I have 25 canvas boards all ready to be painted and I'm hoping that I can show them at either High Peak Junction or Middleton Top when they are finished.

High Peak Trail 3, Incline Begins.

There is no rush so I'm taking my time, the trail was opened to the public 50 years ago in 1974 but was in the process of being converted in 1971. So 50 years later I'm celebrating it in these paintings. Keep following my progress on my social media and see how I'm getting on. The tales part of this exhibition I'm hoping will come from the people that interact with the paintings, I've already heard from one lady who had a cycling accident on the trail many years ago and had to be rescued! Id love to hear more tales so leave your comments or get in touch via my website

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