Thursday, 17 December 2020

The End of 2020!


Medley show is on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Cromford Mills 10-4 pm come and say hello in person! We have been having so much fun socially distanced of course!


Cromford Studio and Gallery Exhibition with myself and Martin Sloman is on until the end of December this includes all my chip shop paintings as well as my country house paintings and many many more. 

Duffield Gallery also has a large collection of my work for sale too, please support them if you can it's been a tough year all around for these galleries and I am grateful they are managing to survive thus far.

It's the last couple of weeks of possibly the strangest year. There is virtually nothing about my life that is the same as this time last year apart from the art of which I am thankful. I'd like to say a big thank you to those of you who have bought my art this year it means a lot to me.

We all make plans and have to be flexible but this year has been very elastic! And not just for me but everyone in the world. I have gone through disbelief, denial, acceptance, and change.  And now I'm ready to embrace next year with no plans. I usually have my year laid out in front of me I know what shows I'm doing etc but to be honest I've no idea what will happen!

We are moving house a decision we have made to ensure we are in a good position to withstand any further storms that come our way. I love my house and where I live but peace of mind and stability are more important to me now.

This means my studio will be very very small but at least I will have a space to create, I plan to take my time next year to decide on directions to take my artwork as many of you who follow me know I have two district styles one that is my townscapes and the other which is more imaginative mixed-media landscapes. I believe there is space for both but after listening very hard to feedback I think I'm going to merge them both a bit more.

So with a house move and a downsize comes the genuine need to make room so come and visit my stall this weekend where my prints and ink paintings are discounted and offers accepted on anything else.

2020 has not all been bad I got a distinction for my Masters participated in some great collaborations with Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site and the Being Human Festival and got me a lovely little part-time job with wonderful work colleagues that will ensure I can be more experimental with my artwork. So here's to an interesting yet different new year!

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