Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Why we run away to the seaside and Matlock Bath

Ruth Gray Matlock Bath. 2020.

Let me state here first I have not been running anywhere! I'm a #stayathomecreative! But this last weekend there have been so many images of folks going in their droves to the coast and Matlock Bath among many other places. These are scary times and my recent research into chip shops has revealed that chip shops, childhood, and seaside all mean a lot to us as cherished memories.
The queuing that has been witnessed outside of chippies have been epic but not good for the health of the nation! Maybe it is our need for something familiar, and happy that has seen this flight.

I'm longing for the day I can nip out to the chip shop safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to die in the process but for now, I'm content with collecting more of your chip shop memories via my surveys.

If you have any time on your hands could you fill out this SURVEY for me it is really helpful towards my dissertation!

The painting above is a finished demonstration that I started at my workshop a couple of weeks ago when we were allowed out! I have painted this before a long time ago but I love the image so much I gave it another go!

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