Friday, 24 July 2015

Last week of school.

 Above is a little picture I have done in the last week of school, its called We Tried to Fly a Kite. The Kite is symbolic of freedom and soaring to great heights the tried implies that maybe not all families get there, its hard to raise a family and hard to stay together our little family tries everyday to keep at it. My parents divorced after I left home so we had the perfect unit for when we were small and flying kites. Sad though.... how things turn.

I love my kids and it is so much fun involving them in what I do although it seems my six year old is way ahead of me winning third place at The Buxton Spa Prize!

I am very excited to have been selected for Project Afterbirth 
'Project AfterBirth presents the first ever international open art exhibition on the subject of parenthood. The exhibition will feature unseen and rarely shown artistic responses to lived experiences of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, in a variety of visual, performance, literary, film & digital disciplines, by 30 international contemporary artists.'

It is very important to me to be able to use my art to do some good as well as earn me a living and Project Afterbirth is something that :

' may contribute to an interdisciplinary research initiative led by Project AfterBirth and a team of UK academics from the fields of obstetrics, maternal mental health, midwifery, media studies, social justice, and women and gender studies. This initiative will be aimed at shedding light on current Western pregnancy & birth practices, investigating their impact on early parenthood experiences, and informing their future.'
Why is this so important to me? Well for one thing it took nine years to get pregnant then when I had my first child it was a complete shock to my system! and then a year later I had a stillbirth at nine months which totally changed my life for ever more and then two years later I had another baby and for the whole pregnancy I was in denial and a complete fruitcake in the hospital! And the impact of all this on my family life has been a bloody nitemare to be perfectly honest! So a project like this is an amazing thing to be a part of because if I can help anybody at all by placing art on a wall I will!
Read about the project here

Talking about art on a wall here's two!

Yay school holidays!!!!!!

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