Monday, 13 July 2015

What on earth Have I Been Doing?

 What on earth have I been doing? Painting thats what lots of it tonnes of it these ones are all for Contours exhibition in September I will send out another blog invite before then.
Its soon the school holidays so I have been getting as much done as possible because I want to spend summer dragging the kids off to hilly vistas rather than anything else!
I was asked on facebook why my work has gone more abstract simple answer is I feel like it next week I may not I just paint how I feel and at the moment I want to explore beyond the obvious.
The first two are the result of many many sketches that I have done.

These two are inspired by the wonderful ceramics of Sarah Burton who I will be exhibiting along side see her images on the above poster, I thought they would display nicely together.

 The next few are a mixture of styles but all depict 'Contours' and I have really enjoyed painting these.

As well as painting I have been catching up with TV shows such as Sky Arts Portrait Artist both seasons! What a great show much better and fairer than the BBC version there is always something to learn from watching others paint and very inspiring, I did a demonstration the other week at Wollaton Art Group a 2 hour street scene was a great experience and one I would like to repeat if I get the chance.

My plans are for now to catch up with the wonderful galleries I am in and distribute new works and prints. I am also looking forward to Cromford Mills Arts and makers Fair on the 25th and 26th July where I will be painting and displaying my work for sale in the gothic warehouse, always a good event. Here's a pic of me taken last year by Tez Marsden. Hope to see you there 11-5pm

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