Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Winter by the Derwent Whatstandwell
Hello Im in my dressing gown typing this to you, sorry I know we would all like to believe I was perched atop a hill side with a wonderful view and an easel at my side but no as is the reality of behind the scenes of the internet I am sat on the sofa drinking my second cup of tea.
I love the internet and I love the impressions people give of themselves, I did branding at university and the image we put across of ourselves is very important.

My official branding should be of a thin willowy red haired artist who floats about in a dream like state gathering inspiration as she crosses the hills of Derbyshire. She captures images in her sketch book and then sorts them into mood boards and themes in her vast airy studio that looks over said hills. She then paints uninterrupted for days on end producing vast expensive fine art which sells the instant she posts it online. Her attendance at any event is met with shock as she is so exclusive......

Hmmmm like I say the internet is great for projecting!

This dumpy roots showing the grey artist has been quite busy and I have painted a few things this week including the one above which I am taking down to a new gallery in Leicestershire. I have worked hard on a commission that I cant share and I have been planning how many canva's can I buy that will fill the walls of Nottingham Art Society but not take over my not so vast studio!

Last week I delivered work to The Buzz gallery Castle Donington and I am looking forward to having an exhibition there in October.
I also dropped off work at Sutton Bonington Gallery and sold a piece within a week (almost sounding like my fantasy branding!)
Painting the Blossom Sold.
I have booked in a lady for one to one drawing lessons starting next week and secured a demonstration thanks to a kind Facebook friend at an Art Society.

So a busy week really ......... my tea has gone cold so I will put down this ancient laptop, shuffle in my slippers to the kitchen and ignore last nights pots by the sink and boil the kettle!

But my fantasy branding image version is........
Ruth puts down her brand new ipad and picks up her paint brush for at that very moment the sun came out and lit up the landscape to the like she had never seen she knew she just had to capture it for all time on her hand made in Paris boxed canvas using the pigments she had sourced in Brazil while she had been there on a residential retreat...................................