Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lots of Pictures Ripley and Heanor!

Waiting at the Bus Stop Market Place Ripley

Its not easy taking photos in a market town, well especially with my two boys in tow as well, firstly everyone is looking at me as I crouch down and point the camera at a bus stop! And secondly everyone is looking at me as I try and keep my boys from putting their hands in the frame!
Also I got heckled by some blokes who told me there was 'nothing to take pictures of here love'

But oh how wrong are they! I have discovered that there are some fine buildings and one favourite is the Coop building below in Ripley. These emporiums were amazing in their day, my Dad use to work for the Nottingham Coop as did I my Uncle and my Aunt. Saturdays would see us all spending our discount in the various departments my Uncle was the Bank manager and my Aunt wafted perfume in the pharmacy and I worked in gifts and my Dad was in control of  the electrical maintance for all of Nottingham stores.
The buildings were glorious with fine staircases and the customer service friendly and personal.

This journey I'm on with the Ripley Rattlers is bringing back all sorts of memories for me and I realise as I go that its not just a route but a series of the everyday as well, that is personal to me and many others because the images are familiar not random paintings of some wonderful international generic city. As I've gone along I've found other artists as well that paint these type of scenes and its brilliant to discover new works and ideas and be able to explore something to death!
Below are a few images taken this last week in Ripley and Heanor I have over 500 reference photos now! Keep up with all the works on my website:





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