Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back to School

Back to school!! So I sent my two back through the school gate and I've got right back in to it! What ever it is! Starting Monday with a full day of painting.
I've always loved this view (above) Looking down Mansfield road Heanor as you get a glimpse of the pit hills in the distance before you sink down into Langley Mill.

Tuesday I started Codnor Market Place above but couldn't settle as I was missing my boys screaming at their X Box so I caught up with Karina at Studio 61 Gallery below and met a lovely artist and had a good chat and coffee.

I am hosting The Big Draw on Oct 15th at Studio 61 Gallery please coma along and draw the future! Beginners scribblers doodlers anyone can come and have a fun morning of sketching how our tomorrows maybe! Oh did I say its free!
Wednesday I was focused again and back in the studio and completed Codnor Market Place, I am trying to capture something of the feeling of this area, by including the pit hills and the mining wheels that now only sit as monuments to a lost industry. Not sure if I am succeeding but there is a sadness of what was once here.

Thursday and I had a great day out with an artist friend who I am helping set up her business, she tagged along with me to The Rook at Hartington above and we discussed ideas and took in the amazing scenery and I dropped off lots of new work up there. Including this one below.

Friday and Id had a email about showing work at a new venue so it was a mad dash around swapping paintings and collecting work from galleries. I am very happy to be part of Belper Arts Collaborative exhibition below at the Cherry Orchard.
 I am also proud to be working with and displaying work at Martin Slomans new gallery Cromford Studio and Gallery here's my work below in his new workshop space. Where I hope to start teaching classes next year. So if anyone reading this is interested send me an email:   

And finally on Friday I met up with an artist who's work I can't resist Christine Gray I visited her Purple Shed Studio which she shares with fellow artist Emma Carr who makes amazing willow sculptures see below. We had tea and sandwiches and a good catch up and now I am the proud owner of one of her mosaic mirrors! We joked I should set up a direct debit with her as I am always owing her something for her beautiful work.

So all in all its been a great back to school week but guess what its inset day already on Monday!
There is even more to tell but I have to have my fingers crossed and hope it all happens before I can say!
Believe it or not everything I did above was work I think us artists are the luckiest people alive!

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