Friday, 9 August 2013

Personalities I Found on the Bus.

Is there anywhere more interesting than a bus stop? Probably but my memories of waiting and travelling on buses remind me of all the different personalities one can come across. Depending on the time of day and day of the week! here's a few:
The talker: found mostly at 7am when you just want to stare out the window and forget you have 8 hours of hell ahead.
The early drunk: found slumped on your shoulder at 5pm when you want to stare out the window and forget the 8 hours of hell you just had.
The late night drunk: found telling you how much like their wife you look, you are not sure if this is good or bad so you move to the front seat.
The teenager: found buzzing in your ear due to various electronic devices emitting duff duff music.
The couple who hate each other: found at the bus stop throwing chips at each other, you pray they really aren't going to get your bus but they do.
Groups of men smelling of aftershave wearing T- shirts in January: Often on the 7pm bus into town and seemingly take up all the seats so you have to stand in between their conversations.
Groups of men smelling of puke: Often on the 2am bus telling each other how much they love their mum.
The child: Found poking your head from behind kicking your seat or staring at you with a sticky face from the seat in front.
The would be travel guide: Found annoyingly next to you reminiscing about what use to be where the EE phone shop is now.
And my favourite: The old school friend that you haven't seen for ages so good that you miss your stop! 

Theres nothing quite like bus travel of course its not always like this most of the time I used the bus it was me snoring into my window while car drivers laughed at me, I use to love that extra hour of sleep each way as I travelled to work and back, unless I met any of the above then it was HELL!

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