Friday, 1 February 2019

New Ways of Working

One month down not long till Christmas! I know what am I on about well I've been working on Christmas 2019 already. I've been busy choosing  Christmas cards and painting ready for my exhibition at Cromford Studio and Gallery in December.

University has commenced and results are in from last semester and it is not all bad, obviously, for those who follow this blog there are grammatical errors and I'm trying to learn to write properly!
I have been blogging for nearly nine years and it is a totally different way of writing, the internet is all informal write as you speak and academic writing is definitely not! But I will get there and its fun trying.

I've found that my kids know more about writing properly than I do and I've got an English A level. But back in the dark days of the 80's I can't remember anyone telling me what a clause was, perhaps they did but I haven't been able to retain that information! I do find writing hard it uses a different side of the brain and it takes me a while to get stuff down if it has to be correct.
I've been living in a carefree slap on the paint, write as you speak world for so long its a great kick up the bum.

Public History is a massive subject and I'm glad I'm doing it over two years so I can grasp it, everyone is asking me what is Public History and to be honest, I didn't know a definition to describe it until I watched Danny Dyer  Right Royal Family. I have to say that this programme sums it up, someone relatable presenting their own story. Its had a few snobby reviews on twitter but since when was history just for the elite presented by the elite? The fact is more probably watched that than many other history shows.
So I'm studying different ways to present history to the public, as well as ways to bring in a crowd and get it funded. There's obviously way more to it but I'm not going to bore you any further!
Has it changed my art possibly I'm working on a series for December that is based on the houses of Derbyshire we shall see how much time I get to do many of them but here just for you in this blog are my first few.

If you know where they are, place a comment below!

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