Monday, 18 June 2018

Be a bit more Rock n Roll!

This weekend and last weekend Ive been attending some big concerts first one The Rolling Stones and then Alice Coopers new band The Hollywood Vampires and tomorrow The Foo Fighters.
The audiences are so old I am happy to take my kids along what they make of it I'm not sure but I think they just take pity on us for liking these Dad bands.

As I was watching Alice and Mick on stage it made me think about the need to keep on keeping on why do these multi millionaire rockers put themselves through night after night of this, they don't have too they could be putting their feet up and toasting a job well done and watch the clock tick by.
But that's not very rock n roll bloody boring actually I listen to folk who cant wait till they retire and I'm like and then what? Do what you should be doing now why wait?
Alice's new band is cool they sing only the songs of their dead drunk friends Keith Moon ,Lemmy , The Doors etc.... the list goes on all those who wasted their talent or fell by the wayside too early.
I'm sentimental and seeing a photo of Bowie while Johnny Depp sang Hero's was too much heartbreaking actually.

So much talent still to share so much creativity not yet unleashed.
Here's the thing we all die yep amazing revelation huh! But seriously what are you waiting for get the knitting needles ,out cross stitch , make music ,paint, make stuff , draw stuff who cares what you do , what it looks like just do something that is for you and not logical or has great depth.

The thing is by making and creating we are giving something to the world adding layers , happiness and increasing the possibilities of meeting other people who also share in your madness. When we meet other creative souls it enriches our lives up and down the country there are folk sitting in village halls doing alsorts of mad creative stuff of no consequence having a great time doing it. It takes effort to get out of the house it takes effort to change it takes effort to create but its a beautiful thing.

It doesn't have to be serious you know all this art malarky is brilliant we don't have to have huge meaning behind everything we do. Don't worry that your workshop leader will think you are rubbish they don't they are terribly grateful you booked on the course so they can buy more paint. 

Imagine the buzz Mick Jagger gets when his songs are sang back to him he keeps going because its a beautiful thing to be heard and to be creative, sod the ageist naysayers who would have him retired what a loss to the world. All the folk Ive been watching on stage have had their fair share of bad press and criticism but the core thing that keeps them going is creativity they would do this anyway it just happens they made it and the critic's are jealous because all they can do is write about them.
I see it on social media too jealousy what a pointless exercise be happy for that friend who makes it help the ones who need it be a bit more rock n roll don't wallow in misery get up and enjoy the party that creativity will bring you life is for living NOW!

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