Thursday, 13 April 2017

Happy Easter Over the Back Fence

Since 2013 I've been taking daily photos from my back room window and sometimes I have posted them on social media. It all started with me noticing how white the house looked against the grey sky so started a documentation of how weather and light affects the colours of a landscape.
My back yard is very ordinary so it was the perfect subject matter to use as it has shown me that even the dullest view can be enhanced by mother nature.

Monet did the same thing recording the same view in paint, at different times of the day, my view has mainly been in the morning as that is when I fling open the windows and see whats going on. In 2015 I was under a crow flight path and if I timed it right I could get the image of them swooping over the house. In the evening we are visited by bats its all happening over the back fence here!

I'm not going to do anymore for social media I'm just going to enjoy looking at others morning views, and work on something new and original.
Its been fun but after four years I think I'm done.
You can find most of  my back fence views on my social media sites listed below:

My next event is at Number 28 ,Venue 1 of the Belper Art Trail I'm looking forward to showing my work along side over 140 other artists.