Thursday, 15 December 2016

My response to hatred, is to try and show the beauty in the world.

Yesterday I rather pompously  put this status on my social media feeds, this sort of social media update is a getting it out there status like saying Im giving up cake or something its a status that you want everyone to read which will in turn make you do what you state.

'My research for a new series is coming together and it will be an interesting mixture of the two strands of work that I have currently been doing, first the traditional and second the imagined world, but still set within my beloved Derbyshire landscape. A much less strict series for my self than the rigid themes I've set myself to date. 2017 will be all about beauty the intense, rugged beauty of the landscape set in opposition to the current condition of some human beings self-centred view for the rest of creation. - yes a big theme for a wet Wednesday.'

Lately I've found some moments to just sit and think about what I want to do next and I suppose like a lot of people I have been affected by the change in politics and frankly appalled by the self centred views that are emerging the kind that have no regard for the earth itself the kind that would turn over the countryside in a blink, to find fossil fuel.

Believe me I'm no activist but technology has moved on there are sustainable alternatives that need developing but I fear its a world that is turning against such green thoughts and as each country looks inwards not outwards short term politics will  use up what resources are on our door step. employing whatever it takes to keep the lights on. 

My view is a naive one I know I have no in depth knowledge just my instincts for what is happening, I hope Im wrong. 
But as an artist I feel the need to respond to what is presented to me via news feeds and as a landscape artist my response is to try and show the beauty in the world its all I can do my job is to see things differently to look for and present the world in such a way that it makes people pause for just a moment.
Like I say its all rather pompous but I hope that within the next few months I can present a range of work that expresses my view of magical, beauty and joy in response to greed and power crazy hatred that I feel is emerging around this beautiful planet.

Peaceful Late Afternoon River Gardens

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