Sunday, 13 December 2015

Keep painting and carry on!

One more week to go before I break up for Christmas! Well thats what I use to say back in the days when I had one of those jobs that you go to and pretend to work for eight hours then come home again.

Now I have planned to stop and do nothing until January sometime but we all know in this age of email and notifications flying in from everywhere that will not happen.

And really I don't want to have nothing to do because that's when I notice that the carpet needs replacing or the layers of dust have got to epic proportions or that my life is not as perfect as it should be and maybe I should enrol on some fitness routine or take up training for marathons or not eat foods that are not from a rainbow or something.

I cant imagine what would happen to me if suddenly I had no art in my life prehaps I would have a social life and be interested in whats going on in the news but last time I looked the world is going to be run by a man wearing a wig on his head dictating what religion you have to be to go into his country.

I think I will stay on my art cloud and ignore everything and wish that when I do take another peak that its all ok and everyone is tolerant and accepting of differences.

This last year I have managed to succeed in all my resolutions to change nothing about what I am and what I believe in and have had super success in maintaining my target weight of eating more stuff that makes me happy and drinking what I want and not giving a toss about what other people think of me.

I love being the age I am (43) because as each year passes and more wrinkles appear  more friends appear I make more art new challenges happen I discover more interesting and wonderful stuff about the world.

So again for 2016 my resolutions are simple keep painting and rock on!