Sunday, 29 November 2015

December, events and news.

I'm writing this today when I should be at Cromford Mill selling my work, but the weather beat me and here I sit typing away under a blanket watching the rain and wind it is a shame as Cromford Mill is one of my favorite places.
I have had a great few months so busy not had much time to stop and think.

So it is quite nice to have no make up on and be off duty and have time to work out my plans for 2016 and it seems I have bookings now till March 2017 for exhibitions and demonstrations.

In the last month or so I along with Karina Goodman of Studio 61 Gallery have set up Purple and Grey a company that aims to help new and emerging artists/makers find their way.

When I started out I spent most of my time frantically searching the internet and chasing around art fairs trying to understand how its all done this art business thing there seemed to be some kind of mystery to finding the right website or places to sell and I have made many mistakes along the way with presentation and approaching galleries.

So with the help of many local businesses we hope to provide a series of seminars, talks and network events to fast track artists/makers to become professional leaving them time to concentrate on the most important thing creating work!
If you are interested in finding out more sign up to our newsletter on the home page of our website here: 

My next events are

Number 28 Belper Sun 06 Dec Food Festival Exhibition and Stall 

The Belper Mill Artists and Makers Fair Saturday 12th December Stall

Goldsmiths University,Womens Art Libary, London December 15th, Procreate Project. Exhibition.

Cromford Studio and Gallery December Joint Watercolour Exhibition with Martin Sloman

So thats me up until the new year best make the most of my lazy day at home!