Saturday, 25 October 2014

Don't Compare and Despair!

I saw this quote while browsing online and thought how calming it made me feel, if we think of ourselves as a book and especially our art career we can compare ourselves to others much more favorably instead of looking at the recognition and high prices some established artists get we can tell ourselves one day when I've worked through the story a bit further.....

There is very rarely over night success I've known of artists who have worked years struggling and suddenly they are flavour of the month and others look at them and think why am I not winning and selling like them? Did you write your introduction and several chapters?

I've been going 11 years as a professional artist but feel although I got to chapter 5 and put back on the shelf when I moved back from Australia it was like I had to start the introduction all over again.

And so I did bursting with enthusiasm about my artwork and background trying to leap to Chapter 6! Looking at others thinking I've done this I've done that why are you so far ahead of me! Eventually I realised I needed to put the work in its what make stories so good each chapter builds on the last and we finally come to some understanding of the character midway through and then we really immerse ourselves till the end.

I have a lot of respect for those artists that have worked hard to get where they are, they are easy to spot due to their immense talent and good nature. You don't last long with a bad nature and no talent!

Thinking of your career as a book helps place yourself against your peers you can forget that your work hangs side by side in a gallery that's just not it at all its the history of that artist the story that artist brings alongside their artwork. That is where the price and recognition comes in just because you paint something that is technically the same that is not just what is for sale. People want to know their money is well spent and with a good long interesting story behind an artist their value will rise.

So Im going to keep working through my chapters building my story as I go and not worry so much. It just feels more War and Peace than a quick paperback!

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