Saturday, 5 July 2014

Trams, Shopping Malls and Andy Warhol Not in that Order.

Andy Warhol had a factory full of assistants........... 51 'regulars' to assist him hold that thought while I moan:

This morning  I am getting no where with my back log of frustrating emails! I have 18 flagged emails all asking me to update or pay for this that and the other so going through each one I am led to another webpage that asks for my password so I type in my password and what do you know its not recognised so then I reset my password which leads me back to my email inbox and it feels like groundhog day, PayPal is the worst I am waiting on verification of my account by post again still nothing is arriving this is causing a trauma for all other pages that use PayPal for payment oh the nitemare oh the trauma oh the whinging going on in my head!

Along with this I am waiting for my phone to be repaired we have gotten along just great without each other but the time has come to face Westfield shopping centre and collect it oh how I hate shiney buy me now places ever since I lived in Australia I have gotten more and more country and embraced the local shops and online possibilities. The mere thought of walking in to the vacuous air conditioned musaz space that is the mall fills me with dread the clever lighting the carefully planned displays the sales the offers the over priced margin conscious products, dodging the clipboard questioners and the smartly dressed staff ugh!..........................................................................................
 I know there are other places to get mobiles repaired but I got locked into a very attractive contract by said shiney buy me now place!

Thank you for bearing with me with all of the above I feel better now for telling you now back to the art
This week I misread an email and produced this piece of artwork, it will be displayed if I get it framed on time at DH Lawrence Heritage as part of a joint exhibition I am in with fellow g2g artists Karina Goodman, Martin Sloman and Janice Allen called 'take 4 views'

I am very pleased with how this came out it is the No16 Tram being overtaken by a Midland Bus in 1928 underneath the Iron Bridge in Codnor Gate that was taken down in 1969, for me this image marks the progress of time where something that was king like the railway and the trams were superseded by road traffic but we are seeing Trams coming back again as cars jam up the highways, so its all a full circle.

My 'Trip Out West' exhibition at Studio 61 Gallery was launched this week and continues till the end of the month here's me trying to hide my double chins beneath my paintings :) Along with fellow artists Karina, Michelle and Val.

My Ripley Rattler Exhibition Continues for one more week at DH Lawrence Heritage and I have good feedback in the comments book and sold a few too so I am really happy with how its turned out.
 Now I must get back to my emails and face the fact that I cant just paint all day I have to deal with real stuff too!
 Andy Warhol didn't have to do admin! Maybe he did maybe but I doubt it.