Monday, 11 November 2013

Rain, Storms and Sales

I am having a great old time at the moment, a couple of weeks ago I went away with the family to visit an elderly relative down in Hastings. I managed to sneak away from motherly and niece duties to visit the Della Warr Pavilion in Bexhill above and the Jerwood gallery in Hastings.

I love wandering around the beach at Hastings its full of quirky sheds and boats and fishing tackle. I happened to be there during the storms and I sat on the beach for an hour watching the waves crashing the beach. I say watching I spent most of my time thinking oh my god I have to get this on camera! Such is the 21st century.
From the beach I investigated the old town and its a wonderful area full of galleries and gift shops my favourite shop had a wall full of bicycle bells and I hate cycling! Coffee in a book café and then the text message calling me back to screaming children and whinging relatives!

Of course to appreciate our quite moments we must have whinging relatives otherwise we just have quiet moments and nothing to escape and from experience that's worse trust me. :)
On my return it was full on drop off my work for my solo exhibition November Rain at Studio 61 Gallery.

Then it was the arts and makers fair at Cromford Mills thankyou to everyone who came to see my stall it was lovely to meet so many new people that I am connected with via social media.

I've had some good news too as the two paintings below have sold.

I have also been recruited to get a fellow artist on to Facebook with great success and this last week had the pleasure of looking after Cromford Studio and Gallery below, I couldn't think of any better ways to spend my days than surrounded by art! The only trouble I'm having is that I want to be in all places at once and I can't!

I am receiving many enquiries about prints for Christmas the easiest way to order your prints, cards or canvas from me is to order from my Fine Art America site below there you will find all my images available in a wide variety of options. Just click on the images.

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