Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Who is buying my art?

Well Ive had some fun of late figuring out this mad world we live in ie the art world!
My friend Jenny Oldknow gave me a book that sent me into a tis  '
A Professional Artists Viable Practice'
by Harley and Cally Miller
Im still reading it but it does make you think who is buying my art!
Then I went for a business diagnosis at the enterprise centre and that word target came up.
Then I asked folk on my Facebook page if they are buying art.
Find out the answers by clicking the link.
Because I thought if artists aren't even buying art then who is?
Anyway after a bit of email discussion with my favourite art mentor Max Hale I hit bingo and realise that my target market is:
Ideal customer:
Art Lover

Original art lover
Landscape  art lover
Newly built home owner needs interior design
Money no object or not important when comes to art
Has money available at that moment when they see my art
Likes Derbyshire
Likes Derbyshire towns
likes the same Derbyshire towns as me
likes acrylics
likes my colour choice / has couch / duvet in my colour choice
likes that all my pictures match their décor
likes white frames / boxed canvas
doesn't mind string to hang
has life partner that also likes all of the above!
Or friend that likes all of above
Or enemy that hates all of the above but still needs a gift at Christmas.

So you see target your customer find them seek them out spy on their décor follow them to the estate agents send them surveys to find out where they hang out so you can paint it!

Its a tough old game eh? This painting thing.... Heres two I did earlier now I need to find people who have good memories of travelling past this caravan sales centre on their way to Kimberley or paying their council tax at Ripley Town Council :)