Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Using Bleak Emotions To Paint

Storm Brewing Over Codnor 12 x 16" acrylic on board.
I'm not a bleak person myself but they do seem to be attracted to me! You know glass half empty, tell you that it will rain later types. They love me always sat next to me on the bus pointing out the litter!

I've had my fair share of bleak this week which is great as I had this gloomy photo of Codnor on my computers desktop.

So bring on the gloom I thought I need to feel utterly fed up and miserable so I can capture the storm coming and the moody stooped figure crossing the road probably hoping a truck will come and run him over!

And I'm glad to say it worked I've been totally miffed and irritable all week so then I knew I could paint this picture and bring bleak emotion to life!

So my top tip this week if you are fed up of painting pretty pictures find someone who is bleak and spend a few days listening to them moan and groan it works wonders!

My next photo will not be so bleak because I have to try and sell these things! And generally art buyers are cheerful types...... must go and find some :)