Saturday, 8 June 2013

Stuff the meaning of.

Struggling to write a blog post this week we all have times like this where we sit down to share our thoughts and feelings and then we have to think can I really share everything?

I am having a wonderful art week my work is going to be displayed at St John Street Gallery Ashbourne, I have crashed into the world of Farm on the Hill in Deniston an almost Enid Blyton dream of a place. (note to self leave the kids at home when introducing yourself to new galleries)
But painting wise I am paralysed apart from a little abstract below:

Surprise View Sunset Moorland, on display at The Old Lock Up 15-16th June for Celebrating Cromford.
 And why? Because to paint I have to be left alone, I need time to gather my thoughts and then I can wander into a painting and get on with it. But my days have been filled with phone calls and appointments for non art related stuff but highly important stuff that has to be sorted right now sort of stuff!

And I must say I am fed up of stuff! Its stuff that has all happened around me and only I can deal with once and for all even though I would like to stuff the stuff back in a box put a lid on it and carry on but life is not like that stuff just keeps forcing its self to the surface and is not going away!

Cryptic I know but sometimes stuff is so personal that although in this sharing kind of world some stuff has to be kept to ones self.

Some stuff we share
Some stuff we hide
Some stuff we show
Some stuff is bad
Some stuff hurts
Some stuff can stuff off!

But apart from my stuffing problems I personally am enjoying my new art experiences and loving all the artists and gallery owners I am encountering and keeping positive through my artwork is very important to me.
Thank you for letting me not share my stuff with you!

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