Saturday, 16 March 2013

Art can be real fun with friends!

Work has started on a new series of work above, this painting is not really going to plan so since this picture was taken it has had a mind of its own and become entirely different! Rather like life we have an idea of what we want but what we get is very different!

The last couple of weeks have been lovely and busy, I find myself working on various initiatives and meeting great people in the process. The Air Arts hospital shop setup was a lovely day of opening boxes full of the work of  Derbys Banks Mill artists and arranging them to create a gallery of gifts. Here's a very unflattering photo of me taking a break, you can find the shop at the main entrance to The Kings Mill Treatment Centre at Derby Royal. Banks Mill Website.

Last weekend was the launch of the Belper Arts Festival where the Belper Arts Collaborative were showing works by over ten local artists. It was great to see how the town came out to support the festival I'm looking forward to the main event in more....

Social media continues to delight Ive been watching the twitter campaign to Save The Old Lock up studio in Cromford with interest and the crowd funding has succeeded with Rachael Pinks (read more about her here) able to continue on her mission to bring her art and others to the little town. Within this economic climate I believe it is important to join forces with others and do what we can for the things we believe in. Because the government is cutting funding ,benefits and generally making life a struggle some collaboration between groups of individuals and businesses is necessary.
My favourite venture after my own art is promoting the Friends of Studio 61 via the blog and working on ideas to support the various artists that display work within artist Karina Goodmans working gallery. Its fun to help and great to be part of a collective. Also the views from the trip up to the gallery are stunning.
 I got asked how much I earn from doing all these things and the answer is nothing I know from years of working with art societies and galleries in Australia that what goes around comes around. Give when you can and believe me when times have been hard in my personal life my friends made along the way have picked me back up. Looking at life as a whole journey rather than a series of panic attacks about succeeding right now makes an art career much more pleasant. 
But I do have to make a living! And next weekend I will be at Broomfield Hall in Morely see flyer at the bottom of this blog, selling my brand new range of prints and cards which I am very proud of! I hope to see some of you there!