Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Finding Words and Pictures

A week of sorting the past.

Well its been an interesting week since my last blog post I have received fantastic feedback from other artists as to how to describe my work. And by coincidence at the Banks Mill client meeting there was a guest speaker called Judith Pheonix from:

Judith Phoenix-Meese
Specialist in CV-Writing & Linked-in Profiles
Tel: 0115 946 2929
Mobile: 07939 351119
She took one look at my linked-in profile and pointed out that I wasn't really telling my story and pointed me in the right direction. I highly recommend you get in touch!
It is difficult to write about myself in formal terms as I'm not certain what it is I do really so if anyone asks I mumble that 'I paint landscapes and stuff!' But all these people this week have helped me see what it is I actually do. To find that out look at my Linkedin profile here.
As well as all the writing and updating my website I have taken on the advice given to me by Max Hale to broaden my scope of subjects from purely local to include seascapes and foreign vistas. Here's a couple of starts at that process:

As I like to only use source material that I have created this had led to an enormous search and reorganisation of 30 years worth of photographs I am still only half way through this process, as with anything of this nature we can get caught up in nostalgia so its taking me longer to get over the fact that some people in the pictures are no longer here and that my dress size has increased!
But when I have finished I can sit and sort and work out new series of work.
So I am very grateful for the feedback and input of others we should never be afraid to ask for advice it is not something I am good at but in order to move forward we have to see where we have been.