Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dreaming of Germ Freedom and Fog

Artists must be the few people that actually welcome weather! Ive been out and about trying to take photographs in between all the domestic chores that seem to be taking over my life! I love fog and its been great this week a real peasouper! :)

Ive started a new painting based on this view above from the cable cars in Matlock Bath.
Its been difficult to do much at all really as Christmas illness still lingers in our household and I have family members under my feet requesting hot drinks and slippers blankets etc....
But I thought where I can I should snap photos and plan paintings even if its only in my head, because when everyone finally go to work and school I can pick up my brushes and know exaclty what to do.
This week Ive also been distributing my Valentine
cards to Little Gem an art gallery and gift shop in Matlock and Floraline a lovely wedding florist in Belper. Both venues said that card sales are hit and miss due to large discount stores selling cut price cards.

Ive sent my images in to enter Patchings farm art exhibition, as well as The Beetroot Tree Open who guarantee at least one painting will be displayed!
When I write all this down it makes me realise that this week hasn't totaly been a waste of time I have done a few things but without a painting to show you all I feel it has.
Heres to next week and germ freedom!!!!!