Friday, 30 June 2017

Anatomy of the Landscape Workshop

I've been privileged to have worked with Shottle Art Group these last two weeks as part of my Fleet Arts / Derwent Wise Project Anatomy of the Landscape. 

The first week we visited the National Stone Centre and sketched and learnt about the geology of the lower Derwent Valley and in between sessions I encouraged the group to find out more and work up those sketches in any way they felt comfortable and last night we met again and worked on the final pieces as you can see from the images below the outcomes are going to be amazing the thought each artist has given to this project is wonderful to see as the aim was to learn about and appreciate the local landscape and these artists certainly have done that. 

I loved the fact that we have collage, printing abstracts and representational work and all individual which is something I strongly encourage in my workshops nothing worse than a room full of the same thing we are all different!

Shottle Art group have an exhibition at Hazlewood St Johns Church in July please visit if you can.