Thursday, 2 June 2016

Sunday Afternoon Matlock Bath

Sunday Afternoon Matlock Bath by Ruth Gray 
Its a Sunday and the sun is shining, all around is the sound of revving and maneuvering of motorbikes. Bikers stood by their machines with crazed hair and one piece suits. Eyeing up the competition, pushing gloves into helmets stretching tired legs looking for the coffee and the chips.

 Some have traveled from the out lining countys, cities and towns, others have pushed a fair weather machine from inside the garage and had a pleasant 5 mile jaunt. Either way the camaraderie , belonging and nod to fellow travelers is a grand way to spend a Sunday.

There's always the one in his hot rod out to out shine them all driving slowly down the parade begging for a audience.
But each to their own in Matlock Bath a funny old seaside town without the sea!

Sunday Afternoon Matlock Bath is available as prints