Friday, 8 April 2016

Boring Stuff

Admin admin admin can you tell I'm procrastinating? Yesterday I cleared out my studio cupboard then organised my paper piles arranged my letter rack and shuffled some other items about.
Why? Because I need to do my accounts and I hate it Id much rather do house work and that is saying something!
Today I have avoided the books by busying myself in the kitchen things are grim!

I even made from scratch Yorkshire Pudding!

I cant put it off any longer but numbers are utterly yawn inspiring if it wasn't for the threat of prison I wouldn't bother but bother I must.

I know I could get someone to do the books for me but then they would ask me the same questions I ask myself things like............

'The £2.91 you spent on June 13th at 10 am what was that for?'
'The £10.00 deposit on May 4th where did that come from?'

Id rather discuss this with myself than bring someone else into the mix who will probably despair a lot at my haphazard systems. I answer these questions by going into a deep zone of remembrance anyone asking me would think or rather know I was bonkers.

Don't get me wrong I have been on book keeping night classes and book keeping for creative courses, I have the best intentions, each tax year I buy a fab new book keeping records book and vow to fill it as I go.
But then its all like dieting and eating healthy food and drinking less and wearing rain forrest friendly stuff and basket weaving etc... Im just not good at keeping it up!

So today my intention is to knuckle down and do them after I've took kids to Derby watch TV and emptied the shed...................................... its just not going to happen!

Hopefully see some of you tomorrow at Number 28 Farmers Market and Cafe 9-1pm :)