Friday, 5 June 2015

A Week in the Studio With Artists Block!

No idea whats going on this week its been like a nightmare to paint anything I seem to have found everything else to do but getting down to work. Although now its Friday I feel looking back its not been as bad as all that because in between procrastination and scouring ebay for kick flare jeans there has been some progress.

I have painted some odd things this week just sort of let that happen without worrying to much about creating a masterpiece. Sometimes we need to go a little crazy loose with paint and maybe I will find my way back to being disciplined!  

I have been enjoying seeing what happens if.....
I put this colour with that one.
Cut out a stencil.
use a tuna tin to make circles.
Splash paint everywhere including the wall.
Paint something nice then roller ink over it.
only paint with a knife.

So my brushes have had a holiday.

The conclusion to all this is I have had fun with my artists block.
Artists Block for me is when I have no motivation, a bit like a depression without feeling down just meh.... 
Its frustrating because I know I have wasted many hours in the studio on playing when I could have painted something epic! But there is no epic when you cant summon up the epic juice! 

Funny thing is I quite like what happened...............