Wednesday, 6 May 2015

An Ink Day in the Studio May 6th 2015

Thought I would blog these pictures as easier to sometimes say all the things I want too in one place, the last few weeks I have traveled a lot around the county of Derbyshire, (about 500 miles to be exact (my new mileage book tells me this!) And as I have been whizzing about I have watched the colours change from black and brown to shoots of green to massive bursts of purples, pinks and yellows and today as it is pouring down with rain I have concentrated on putting down what I have seen.

Carsington, Derbyshire

Derbyshire Spring Colours

My Studio
The above picture is of my studio today its a mess (don't even ask about the stupid oil painting I'm ignoring behind me that is a disaster that will either be taken down the tip or rise triumphant!)
 I have on my wall paintings drying for Junes exhibition at Banks Mill, my entry for Buxton Spa Prize and on the easel a soon to be gessoed failure! Also on my wall is a recently discovered photo of my great great great grand parents. On my desk is my cup of tea and inspirational Helen Hallows card and the Earth Pathways Diary full of wonderful words and pictures. The rest is what I am showing you here or works in progress.
Derbyshire Fields in May

View From Corbar Cross, Buxton Derbyshire

Walkers Suprise View Derbyshire