Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Teenage Days

This is my new piece, called Looking Uptown Bath Street Ilkeston, I have tried to capture the mood of the place rather than every little detail, I know this town well and as you walk further up Bath Street it becomes pedestrianised and more well known shops come in to view until finally you reach the market place with the church and its pubs and a whole lot brighter feel to it.

But this part of town is the area of my misspent youth where before Tesco and the dual carriage way tore the town in two you could roam about with bags of chips and cheap cans of beer. Waste land and the old bus station was here along with alley ways and flats. The things I witnessed the people I knew will always be with me ingrained in my memory's. When I think of this part of Bath Street I think of teenage days lost forever.

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