Sunday, 12 January 2014

On the Road Again!

Happy new year! Well the first week back and two more done for the Rattler project, thought Id share a couple of reference photos with you to show the difference between what the camera sees and what I see! Its ok to work from photos but I'm not a fan of slavishly copying them on to canvas what's the point in that? As an artist we must use our skills to evoke an atmosphere and build a story too.
The above painting has worked well for me what Im trying to show is the landscape beyond to get a sense of the hilly nature of this route, I also wanted to beautify and snow does that wonderfully.

Along the route there are pockets of old set next to brand new, this view of Gilt Hill shows how the IKEA retail park has over taken what was probably a lovely field, but that's progress so they say! This painting may need a little more work it doesn't photograph well due to the massive amount of texture.

Im still photographing the route as most weeks we travel to Langley Mill for our weekly shop, don't ask me why when you can do it on line but that's my other halves idea he likes to pick his own fruit! But Im not complaining as I take pictures from the passenger seat and yesterday Trent Barton were celebrating a shiney new bus :) Until I started this project I never realised how this local company promotes itself within the community, They really are clever at brand image and giving a personality to buses!

But have no fear I will not become a bus spotter! So here we are I have 34 done only six left very rewarding doing this if only for the fact I am learning so much in my painting as well as in my research into the local area.
I was asked yesterday what do you paint? by a fellow school mum so I said oh you know Codnor Langley Mill :) she looked at me gone out! But like I say look up above the shop fronts look to the horizons look at the skies its all beautiful if only you take some imagination and see things in new ways.