Monday, 15 April 2013

A little bit of my working methods

So mainly this week Ive been tearing my hair out! But that's another blog. Artwise Im forging ahead with my new series. Below is an example of my working method towards composition. 
Original photograph (not taken whilst driving honest!)

Here's the image manipulated in a Picasa programme to lighten and eliminate colours.

Here's the image upside down or if you stand on your head you will see I have sketched it in oil pastel to get a feel for the sweep of the road which is my main intention. (I can't get this photo to behave its the right way up on my screen but on this blog it will not play ball! forgive me its been a week!)

And here is the sketch manipulated within an inch of its life and cropped and tilted you name it Ive done it! Now the road is doing what I want leading my eye through the future painting.
The next step of course is painting it so no doubt it will develop further from this.
Tomorrow Im off to Crich Tramway museum to research many more routes Im really enjoying taking my time on a long term project.
Now if anyone would like to see more of my real art I am part of Art at the Farm next weekend at Park Farm Allestree.
If you cant get to that get to this
And if you cant get to that your week must be worse than mine! :)