Sunday, 21 October 2012

#AppleDay on Scarthin Cromford Derbyshire

Yesterday afternoon I had the most perfect time. Apple Day at Scarthin Cromford was like being transported into a beautiful Sunday  TV evening drama.
Where the sun is hazy and everyone is community minded we all seemed to know each other and there were even tears as artist Kelly Nixon gave a little disabled girl a painting that she just couldnt tear herself away from.
I was postioned in between Kelly and the extremely talented animal artist Jenny Oldknow who I think you will agree is artist personified in her wonderful red hat!
I was able to meet Kelly for the first time and Suzanne Parnell both Belper artists as well who are regulars of the Belper Art Group who meet on Thursday evenings I think I will be attending this club too as I use to love going to the art society in Australia.
Also there was Amanda Collis with her beautiful abstracts and artist Martin Davis came along to say hello too.
The event was well attended and I sold quite a few of my postcards and met some lovely people including one man with a secret project who wants me to do a line drawing in six months time of a subject unknown very intriguing!

There were morris dancers apple bobbing and Rachael Pinks children workshop lovely cakes indeed it certainly had the feel of the most perfect Sunday evening hazy lazy TV drama but without the murder or who dunit! Id like to thank Scarthin Books for organising the Art on the Railings exhibition a brilliant idea a day I will not forget!
More pictures here 2012-Scarthin-Apple-Day/pictures