Thursday, 27 September 2012

Take Your Books Back To The Library!!!! #Art

When I was growing up the village I lived in which is more like a suburb of Nottingham now had nothing for kids to do at all a couple of corner shops to hang outside of a pub that had the best name 'The Other Side Of The Moon' which quite described how I felt about my village! But what it did have was a library.

And from earliest recollections of about 7 or 8 years old its where I would spend nearly all my time. I grew up in there starting in the kids section moving on to the teenage angst section and books about rock stars and punks. To finally using it to research my GCSE and Alevels but mostly reading biographies of old movie stars to find out how they got out of their one horse town into stardom!
In a library it is other worldly quiet, clocks ticking and full of people earnestly reading and now days using computers.
Libraries are great places to start when you relocate as I have many times, they are a hive of information about whats happening in your local town and in Australia before we had our broadband connected I use to go there for hours to use their Internet and before long I volunteered in their Art Gallery and then ended up working there as a functions officer I was in heaven!
Upon my return to the UK to do my degree I really found out what libraries could really do and from 7.30am till almost 6pm at night Nottingham Trent Universities Library was my home four floors of knowledge. One books references leading on to another book and another I wrote my dissertation in there as at home too many distractions would intervene. They even had silent rooms where you couldn't talk, listen to music or use a computer and towards the end of my hard core one year degree course this is where I cocooned myself.
Belper Library is now home for October only to my Staycation series read all about it in hatchdmagazine
take your books back :)
Original paintings are £295.00 each and can be purchased through the library through October.
Alternatively visit my Fine Art America website:
For secure payment where all nine paintings can be purchased as museum-quality framed/unframed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, acrylic prints, metal prints and posters.
Here you will find other series of my work which is also available in the above options.
Belper Staycation is to feature in Derbyshire Life magazine and has already appeared in, All things Local, Country Images Magazine and Artists and Illustrator magazine and The Society of All artists magazine.
December at Belper Train Station has won Society of All Artists members competition and featured as an advert for Artist of the year in A&I magazine


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