Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Views From the Valley Preview Exhibition Banks Mill 1-26 June

 Welcome to my preview exhibition at Banks Mill Studios, this is the start of a new series of works that depict the major features of the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site. I aim to complete around 20 in total more if possible.

The industrial revolution had a major impact on the Derwent Valley Landscape and its left us factories, mills, ruins and weirs. There is a beauty in these buildings enhanced by the way nature is reclaiming the river. My exhibition is capturing the valley as it is now but it is an ever evolving landscape with factories being replaced by homes as we no longer need the river to serve them. The river is now enjoyed as a leisure activity and the transportation system of the canal, road and train lines that once were the arteries of manufacturing are filled with canoes, cyclists, day trippers and commuters heading away to the cities. I am interested in the way we choose to preserve the past and incorporate it into the now but I am also curious as to how far we will go to hold on to these moments in time as there is more and more pressure to build and accommodate our growing population.

These paintings can be reserved although they are not for sale until October next year when they will be shown in their entirety at Cromford Mill which is provisionally booked for Friday 21st October – Friday 4th November, 2016. I am hoping during that exhibition to have workshops and an evening of talks with a representative of the World Heritage site to discuss the history and the future of the Derwent valley.

I really enjoyed painting these and would love to hear your feedback before I carry on and continue the series.
Below is a behind the scenes unofficail picture of the chaos of hanging an exhibition with two kids! Thank you to my friend Emma Farrow for all her help with hanging and child chasing!

To arrange a viewing of the exhibition Tele: 01332 594170