Monday, 24 June 2013

Come to Market Place Heanor!!

Market Place Heanor 35 x 45 cm acrylic on canvas
This picture seemed to take an age to do, from looking at the photo to visiting the location over and over again.
Market Place Heanor is somewhere I'm very familiar with, I use to live in Heanor and Id walk up and down here on my daily commute 6.30 am in the morning and 6.30 pm on my weary way home at night.
I never seemed to get when it was open and full of shoppers only when all the doors were locked and the road sweepers were out. These days I pass through frequently as I head for the budget supermarket to fill my trolley full of strange German sounding items! Shops have come and gone the tanning parlours making way for mobile phones, but still it just clings to life adapting through hard times.
There's something wonderful about a high street a mix of people all going about their business dodging each other and saying sorry a lot as you do in the UK .
I must say Im really enjoying painting these street scenes so much so I decided to incorporate it as part of my business. So now I'm offering da da dah..........

Commissions Right Up Your Street!

 As is the way with artists blogs I should now launch into my spiel about how you can commission me etc...... but I know how boring that is to read so you can either click on the link or not its up to you but if its dogs your after then I'm definitely not your girl!