Saturday, 17 May 2014

New Work with splats

Its been a busy old week I am currently working on six major pieces that will be transformed into images on mugs, tea towels jigsaws etc... I wish I could show you but I cant as yet! But in between I have been letting off steam with some looser pieces for Derbyshire Open Arts event. My internet has been down a few nights this week and it has given me more time to do real world stuff like read books (currently revisiting 'around the world in 80 days' Micheal Palin! can you believe it was 1988!) and go into the studio and play with paint.
Below are my new pieces.

Criccieth 20 x 20 cm mixed media

Hafon Y Mor 20 x 20 cm mixed media

Painting the Blossom 18 x 14" mixed media
Really enjoyed these as lots of ink was chucked at the supports and dripped everywhere, the kids helped with the bottom one before I added the trees and everything..... my son Angus joined me on Wednesday night with his own smock and easel and we spent an hour doing our thing all was groovy till he dappled red paint in the middle of a building on said mug paintings....!
Anyway I hope you can join 9 of us next weekend at Derbyshire Open Arts at Studio 61 Holloway Leashaw Road Nr Matlock, would be great to have a chat, I will be painting all weekend so you can see me working,................ so long as you don't put red paint on it! :)