Saturday, 12 April 2014

Family Holidays

I am looking forward to the Easter break we have a holiday planned for Snowdonia in my head I imagine standing in the welsh mountains and taking in the view. But this is a family holiday so I will be more likely standing at the edge of a holiday camp swimming pool or arguing in the car about where exactly Phewlli is.

Families are a funny thing we are all completely different personalities with our own agendas and we can rub along together at home each in our own worlds and separate rooms. But on holiday a family is thrown together with dodgy internet signals and in our case a caravan in a major holiday park. It will be a challenge for us all!

But even at our worst when we disagree about what and where we are going to eat and end up at the camp shop buying frozen pizzas we look back maybe a year later with rose tinted glasses and say 'can you remember when we..... '

I am going to try and remain calm throughout and try and remember why I have chosen Snowdonia over Skegness I want my kids to see this wonderful area and want to explore its history and landscape.

My parents would always choose holidays according to their budget and we stayed in some outstanding areas but not always outstanding accommodation and this would prove very taxing on our stamina's and my childhood memories is full of the faint whiff of 1950s furniture and  fold down sofa beds and entertainment for me and my brother was finding slugs to bbq (dont ask!).

In those days kids were not allowed in pubs so my parents would trail the streets with us eating bags of chips trying to ware us out. My Mum refused to cook on holiday and once in Bridlington we ate cornflakes, tomato soup and fish and chips every night for two weeks!

I don't think anything has changed and I find myself repeating my past with my own kids as we have a limited budget too we always go on £10 a night Sun holidays and its pot luck where and what we end up sleeping in! Not for us the all inclusive package no we take our own everything and travel with our feet cramped up with a week of food supplies ( I've no idea why its not like supermarkets are in short supply) But its a good social experiment in my mind I think if I get through this week I can get through anything!
Also I am glad of the opportunity as a couple of years ago I went on my Staycation which triggered a whole series of work based around my local area so I'm hoping to be inspired by Snowdonia too!

When I get back I will be taking part in Derbyshire Eco Centre Woods and Water Fair Sat 26th April hope to see you there if I have survived the family holiday!