Friday, 20 November 2020

12 Days of Christmas Sale.


12 Days of Christmas Sale!

Saturday 21st - Wednesday 2nd.

Or I'm thinking of moving house sale and I will need space!
Exclusive preview for you all, I have selected twelve works that I would like to offer in this sale they are a mixture of styles and have all received great feedback over the years but haven't yet found their final home.
Artworks are like that they are created and then just have to sit it out until the right person sees them! That has been difficult this year since us artists have been locked away for most of it!
Below are the details and a link to the webpage where if you wish you can purchase for yourself or someone you love. There is no postage but if you can collect that would be great if you are local I can drop off or if you are far away I can post at no extra cost (the UK only charges may apply if you are overseas and I will contact you accordingly.) The payment method is Paypal if you would like to use any other payment method please get in touch. 


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