Saturday, 15 July 2017

Social Media a Reality Check.

Its nearly the end of the school year yay!

 I cant wait to have a break, but being an artist that's not a break from art but a break from all the admin around art that isn't actually creative. I need a few weeks away to recharge and find enthusiasm.
My email will be set to out of studio.

I work to the school year because I have kids so its easy to plan my schedule around the holidays and I love them both so much before long they will be off doing their own things and wont want to be dragged up mountains and into art galleries.

Ive not stopped since Christmas and the idea of switching off technology and looking at stuff and forgetting about timelines and notifications appeals greatly.

Ive noticed this last year that technology can really affect people watching other folks updates and over thinking is not good for the mind. we must remember behind every update is a real person just trying to show the world their best side. Its not totally real and its not totally unreal either.

Social media reflects your personality ten fold and we all have passions and view points and its shocking to find out that this person or that person doesn't totally agree with you but hey so what in the old days you wouldn't have known in the old days you wouldn't have even connected as your not in the same town or even country. But now with algorithms and matchy matchy wonder web connectivity you are brought together by friend suggestions. Don't be surprised if out of 1000 or so connections one or two go rogue.

I just do my thing and post my stuff I love that I have an eclectic mix of people to interact with but in real life I have about twenty or so actual physical people I really know who love me and I love back. In the old days this would have been just fine, I would also have had acquaintances around the town and folk Id write to occasionally by letter with a stamp. But I wouldn't have wanted to know what they were having for diner or who they were walking the dog with!

 I suppose Im lucky to be that generation that is able to embrace the new and remember the old ways too Id like everyone to enjoy a bit of the old ways chill out and stop worrying about what is not completely black and white the world that is social media.

So do what you will follow, unfollow have a break post everyday show me your dinner let me see your artwork lets have a fun time but lets not take it all so seriously its Social after all and if we do meet in the real world say hello!

My next event is The Great Dome Art Fair Buxton Next weekend see you there for Real!