Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hello 2015!

I've done nothing for two weeks unless you count buy some paint brushes and rearrange them neatly in my studio.

I really needed to do nothing as reflection is a good thing its all a little crazy in the run up to Christmas the mass panic of working at fairs every weekend attending the school plays and then forgetting to defrost the turkey so we cant eat it till New Years day by which time I am so over roast dinner!

I never do new year resolutions as I love everything that is bad for me and quite frankly whats the point of giving up the things you love? It would mean spending January miserable and February full of guilt and by March its nearly Easter egg time so pointless!

So as each year passes into the next I try and reflect on what I have achieved but being an artist its never enough its no good looking back because that is done now its time to forge ahead and improve my skills and try and paint a little better.

All I can hope for in the coming year is that I create some work to be proud of and tick a few little boxes I have in my head. Meet new people and have some fun.
For that is what life is about - you only live once - smile paint and create -