Saturday, 28 December 2013

Some thoughts on tradtions.

Since my last blog I have been doing so much that these pictures will seem odd without explanation! Christmas is a time that is meant to be merry and bright but you cannot have light without the dark, so I will start with the light....
Ive finished number 32 of my Ripley Rattler series and I seem to be taking my time with the final few, which I will start again in the new year. My stall has popped up at different venues for the last three weekends.

The final event above at Cromford Studio and Gallery launch was really festive and fun lots of laughter all day if you haven't been yet I recommend a visit.
Every Christmas as with most people I have created my own version of what I think the festive season should include. When I was growing up a visit to Castleton meant Christmas had begun, the streets are lit up with trees and the gift shops are bursting with last minute presents.

This year we explored the back streets and the views are stunning look out for more posts in the new year about Castleton as I think a trip out with an arty minded friend or two is in order to capture more photographs.

Cromford is also high on the list all the events they have at the Mill and on the River are brilliant, on boxing day I watched my brother fly down the Derwent on a duck made of bubble wrap as part of the annual raft race it was great!

Also this year I've been observing a few other traditions and symbols of Christmas, like the reindeer below.

But the nativity scenes are my favourite and if I had more time I would photograph more, it started with my sons nativity play and I thought the abandoned Jesus after the show said so much about everything that Christmas is these days its not so much a spiritual event as a tick list of things we have to do to make it Christmas!

When I moved away to live in Australia my Christmas was turned upside down literally! All my traditions above that make up my version of a Christmas were gone and in their place was 40 degree heat and bbqs  it just didn't feel like Christmas, I couldn't do my tick list of shop at M&S for presents, listen to Slade in a pub, infact I hated it as it reminded me I was far away from family and friends so most years I chose to work it. Christmas isn't always the best time as it does highlight what we have lost, and this Christmas just last week I lost my Gran below who for me was like my best friend.

But she was not one for misery she was full of humour so I have carried on my Christmas this year doing all my traditions with my family because she would have been the first to tell me to get a grip. And her death has given me a new strength to continue my life to the full, there is nothing like the loss of a love one to make you feel grateful for living! We are here only once and soon forgotten so be the best you can be do some kind things and most importantly don't waste time with negative thoughts and people.
Its been a good year with lots of new opportunities and friends.
I would like to wish you all a happy new year xx