Friday, 28 April 2017

May News

Over Easter I made a start on a new series you could call this a branch project! More of that to be revealed as I make progress, more imminently its Buxton Spa Prize time and I will endeavour to create a piece of work worthy of this great show I’m excited to see what venue I will be given each year sends me off to new parts of Buxton to explore with varying results!
Currently I am showing work at Derby Teaching Hospitals as part of their 10 exhibition I also have work in an exhibition at Framework, The Old Red Bus Station in Leeds.
I’ve been finishing off a few projects that I intended to do before Christmas and one of the projects was my photo book of my series Views from the Derwent Valley, within the book is a short explanation of how the series came about and full colour images of all the artworks. It is square, 7×7 in, (18×18 cm) and 44 pages. If you know of anyone who loves the Derwent Valley World Heritage site it would make a great gift for them. The book is available  here as an e-book on iTunes or as a softcover or hard cover. You can also preview the images from my book in the video at the bottom of this blog.
I will have my proof copy of the photo book with me at the events listed below along with order forms for it or for any prints from within it. By ordering direct from me you will save on the postage charges.


My home town of Belper is running its very successful arts festival all through May kicking off with the art trail Sunday April 30thand Monday May 1st  10.30 am – 4 pm there will be over 140 artists located across the town centre in shops and various venues, I will be showing in venue 1 of the trail this year at Number 28 Market Place along with 5 other artists and the art cafĂ© where you will be able to get the trail brochure/badges and grab a coffee and cake.
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At the end of the month its Derbyshire Open Arts weekend where you will find me at Fritchley Congregational Church, Chapel Street, Fritchley, Belper DE56 2FR with the outstanding talented group Medley we all use different medias so there will be a variety of work to look at. Please join us for a preview event 5-8pm Friday 27th May. Then we are open Sat – Mon 10 – 5pm.
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The following week June 3rd and 4th I will be co-hosting Derbyshire’s first Fresh and Unframed Event Purple and Greys new concept for selling affordable artwork. This will take place at Tansley Village Hall just outside of Matlock.
All the artwork is original and between £10 and £100 all artwork is new work and all is unframed allowing the public to purchase good quality work at an affordable price. We have some fabulous artists signed up already, if you are an artist there is still time to submit expressions of interest please look at the website.
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Views From The Derwent Valley. 

I look forward to hopefully seeing you at the above events.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Views From The Derwent Valley Book

I've been working on completing a few intended projects over Easter in between family commitments etc.. and one of those projects was my Views from the Derwent Valley I always intended to publish the images as a book so that all the images are in order of the valley from Matlock Bath to Derby.

Below is the link to it in a variety of formats soft, hard cover and also e-book you can also request a book directly from myself I can order it for you if you prefer not to pay online.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Happy Easter Over the Back Fence

Since 2013 I've been taking daily photos from my back room window and sometimes I have posted them on social media. It all started with me noticing how white the house looked against the grey sky so started a documentation of how weather and light affects the colours of a landscape.
My back yard is very ordinary so it was the perfect subject matter to use as it has shown me that even the dullest view can be enhanced by mother nature.

Monet did the same thing recording the same view in paint, at different times of the day, my view has mainly been in the morning as that is when I fling open the windows and see whats going on. In 2015 I was under a crow flight path and if I timed it right I could get the image of them swooping over the house. In the evening we are visited by bats its all happening over the back fence here!

I'm not going to do anymore for social media I'm just going to enjoy looking at others morning views, and work on something new and original.
Its been fun but after four years I think I'm done.
You can find most of  my back fence views on my social media sites listed below:

My next event is at Number 28 ,Venue 1 of the Belper Art Trail I'm looking forward to showing my work along side over 140 other artists.


Saturday, 18 March 2017

St John Street Exhibition Opening

I would like to thank everyone who attended last nights opening of my exhibition at St John Street Gallery  it was great to see so many people come especially lovely surprise was my Mum who travelled nearly two hours through accidents and rain and just made it at the end. Even in my mid forties I want parental approval!
Also lovely to see was Get Outside Champion Nigel John Vardy who picked up his painting of Shining Cliff Woods he said

'Over the years, I've camped, walked and skied though the woods, and now a beautiful image showing its full splendour will adorn my walls...'

The show is on for two weeks so please go along and take a look its a great gallery and they serve wonderful food and coffee in the cafe upstairs.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Mixed Media Longshaw Minitures

I've really enjoyed creating these small works this week in between getting my solo exhibition ready there is something very calming about making tiny pieces of work. There is probally as many hours in each of these as one four times the size as they are layer upon layer of paint and mediums along with coloured pencils and ink.
I love the way they shimmer in the light thats the bronze powder mixed in I notice many visitors to my shows love holding my work up to the light to see the different effects and have been told by buyers that they move my paintings around the house to catch different effects.
These are at the framers now all roughly 10 x 10 cm

Quick note my solo exhibition at St John Street Gallery starts tonight at 5 pm and finishes April 1st.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Week of Rummaging

This week I have been getting ready for my up coming stalls this weekend, details below. Its entailed a lot of rummaging  if anyone has poked their head round my studio door I've been stuck under stuff or in a mess covered in cards and bits of paper, table cloths etc...

def: search (through), hunt through, scrabble about/around in, root about/around in, ferret (about/around) in, fish about/around in, poke around in, dig in, grub about in, delve in, go through, explore, sift through, rifle through, scour, ransack, turn over; rootle around in; fossick through; roust around in.

I spent Monday organising the return of paintings from Deda and placing a few on Art Finder   then because one thing leads to another ended up sifting through my stock then realising that I haven't sorted my stall stuff out since I skipped away from the last one before Christmas so that started a panic of tinsel shifting and Christmas card storage. It seems such a brief Winter I'm almost not ready to see daffodils.  I know most people are like 'its great the suns out' well no I'm just settling in to the prospect of deep winter so much so I painted this.

Snow came Briefly A4 ink on paper.
But that's just me......... Tuesday I went out and met up with the Peak District Artisans for a much needed get out the house moment at the Longshaw |Estate we went for a short walk and then dispersed and painted ,drew ,photographed, I mainly photographed and looked at things I sat for a while and sketched the vista nothing detailed or finished but enough for me to develop in the future.

One of a few sketches

Wednesday I attended the art group that me and my friend Karina Goodman have set up and I used the time to paint over the old watercolours I had found whilst rummaging and just enjoyed being in the company of other artists just doing their own thing as we discuss art and mainly The BBCs Big Painting Challenge which we all had our views we are always looking for new members so if you would like to come along please do all the dates are here

Our lovely art group

Thursday has been a day of finishing the rummaging making up handmade cards from all my weeks endeavours packing up paintings to post, finishing off commissions and starting new ones oh and spending five minutes telling you about it all in this blog while I eat my egg sandwich.

If you would like to see some of my handmade cards and new ink work on paper come along to my stalls this weekend.

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